A lovely little Walk in Fox Preserve today and spent a little time with a couple (Three to be exact) danger noodles. 🙂 This particular one kept following me. (Yes- really.) So I gave him his photo op so he would stop pestering me. The below pic I was really hopeful for, but alas... the... Continue Reading →

Van Dyke Preserve

Location. Located in Delmar NY, the Van Dyke Preserve is one of the little gems that the Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy protects and maintains. It's a short drive from Albany (Maybe 10 minutes) and has parking for about 10 cars. Length/Difficulty This is a very easy trail with gently rolling hills, however it can be... Continue Reading →

Schiffendecker Farm Preserve

Location. Another great MHLC Preserve is Shiffendecker Farm Preserve . Shiffendecker sets about a 10 minute drive from Albany heading toward Glenmont NY. The trailhead is located on Bender Lane. (309 Bender Lane) The parking lot is relatively small, so maybe 6 cars can fit. NOTE: Google maps will bring you to the backside of... Continue Reading →

Hollyhock Hollow Sanctuary

In my previous post, I spoke about the fantastic work that the Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy is doing so now I would like to begin showcasing some of these beautiful areas. A short 10-15 minute drive from downtown Albany, nestled in the town of Selkirk, lies the Hollyhock Hollow Sanctuary. This lovely 134 acre parcel... Continue Reading →

The Amazing Preserves of the Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy.

I love to hike. Love to explore new places. When I find a place in my own backyard- it's even better. In my neck of the woods, Upstate New York, there is this great organization who has protected more than 12,500 acres land and maintains 22 preserves throughout the Capital Region. The Mohawk Hudson Land... Continue Reading →

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