Black Creek Marsh 4-22

Just a short evening walk in the Black Creek Marsh WMA in upstate NY. Things are really starting to come alive now. This fella was the size of a kitchen garbage can, and his partner wasn't much smaller.

Palm Warbler

A nice little evening walk in Albany's Pine Bush Preserve resulted in an encounter with this little guy. First time I have ever seen one of these pretty little fellas. He wasn't the least bit bashful either. I had a little difficulty identifying him at first, but I believe him to be a Palm Warbler... Continue Reading →


A lovely little Walk in Fox Preserve today and spent a little time with a couple (Three to be exact) danger noodles. 🙂 This particular one kept following me. (Yes- really.) So I gave him his photo op so he would stop pestering me. The below pic I was really hopeful for, but alas... the... Continue Reading →

Hiking Buddy

This little guy followed me most of the day. Yes it was the same one. He would fly 20 or so yards ahead and wait for me to catch up before moving ahead of me again. This continued for about 3 hours before we parted ways.

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