It’s a Learning Process 3- The Tripod.

I needed a tripod. One of the first things I learned is that a tripod is an essential piece of kit. The problem is, trying to find a decent product that wasn't going to set me back several hundred dollars. On the other hand, I didn't want to go to "cheap" either. I spent some... Continue Reading →

Working with Porcupine Quills. (First Attempt)

This is a fun little project and relatively simple considering it was my first time working with quills. I decided to make a decorative patch for my LL Bean backpack, paying homage to the Haudenosaunee that were indigenous to my area. Image via : Wikipedia - The 2 blocks to the left, the center tree... Continue Reading →

Plastic Free July

This past July, I took the "Plastic Free July" Challenge. Founded by  Rebecca Prince-Ruiz, the organizations vision is "seeing a world free of plastic waste." That's a pretty lofty goal. While I don't think we will ever live in a world devoid of plastics or plastic waste, I think we all can at least do... Continue Reading →

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