Van Dyke Preserve


Located in Delmar NY, the Van Dyke Preserve is one of the little gems that the Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy protects and maintains. It’s a short drive from Albany (Maybe 10 minutes) and has parking for about 10 cars.


This is a very easy trail with gently rolling hills, however it can be a little muddy in spots. The soil is a clay based makeup which can make some areas a little greasy, so plan on taking some home stuck to your boots.

There are plenty of water crossings, so you won’t have to deal with squishy feet.

The trail is also fairly wide, so brushing against tick infested flora is kept to a minimum.

Kid Friendly

Definitely a kid friendly trail. (As are most of the MHLC areas.) There are some Geocaches also to keep them occupied. (If the abundance of wildlife doesn’t)


You will find a very diverse set of wildlife in this preserve. Birds of all types, and all very active. If you are quiet and stealthy, you may also see a mating pair of Wood Ducks as well as some of the resident White Tailed Deer.

Beware of tripping over squirrels. They seemed to be everywhere.

Final Thoughts

For the young and not so young alike, you will really enjoy this preserve. At about a mile in length, it’s an easy stroll through some beautiful terrain. MHLC has scored another hit with this one. Each preserve that you visit you will be more and more impressed with their work.

Perhaps donate time or money to the Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy. They really do a good job acquiring and maintaining natural areas for you an future generations to enjoy.

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