Schiffendecker Farm Preserve


Another great MHLC Preserve is Shiffendecker Farm Preserve . Shiffendecker sets about a 10 minute drive from Albany heading toward Glenmont NY. The trailhead is located on Bender Lane. (309 Bender Lane) The parking lot is relatively small, so maybe 6 cars can fit.

NOTE: Google maps will bring you to the backside of the Glenmont Wal-Mart, NOT the trailhead. Bender lane is accessed via NY Rt 32 (Delmar Bypass)

Stairs are needed to access the trail from the trailhead.

Length and Difficulty

This roughly 1 mile trail is by no means “difficult” per se’ but there are a couple of relatively steep spots. During the drier months the trail should be pretty stable, but in the spring or during wet weather, some spots can become a little slick.

Child Friendly

As with other MHLC preserves, bring the kids. As with any outdoor activities, take precautions to protect against Ticks. There are some small streams but I think the worry with these is more about kids getting muddy, rather than being a hazard.

You will also find some Geocaches in this preserve. So for kids this is a great way to pass the time.


Deer will often use the same trails that humans do.

You are apt to see different critters while on this trail, assuming you are quiet. Deer and Wild Turkey are not uncommon in this area. Same with Fox, Squirrels and various birds. One of the higher spots on the red trail overlooks a small marshy area, so bring the binoculars as you never know what you may see.

Final Thoughts.

This is a nice little area to have a little “Nature Time.” It’s not remote, but it provides a nice little respite from a day of shopping. You may want to drop your spouse off at the Wal-Mart, and take the kids to the trail to keep them occupied. (just a thought)

Perhaps also donate time or money to the Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy. They really do a good job acquiring and maintaining natural areas for you an future generations to enjoy.

You know it’s officially “Spring” when the Wild Chives start appearing.

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