A little retro iPhone pics from a kayak trip in Turrell Arakansas. Wapanocca National Wildlife Refuge.

This was an amazing place! It was extremely hot this day, but under the Cypress canopy incredibly cool.

Wapanocca National Wildlife Refuge

This was my first experience kayaking a Cypress swamp and I found it incredible the amount of tangled roots and Cypress knees that lay just under the smooth algae surface. This is definitely a place I would not want to try to swim out of.

Unfortunately there were no alligators. But there were Garfish. (Which is kinda close enough) They would lie just beneath the surface on the main lake, and you only knew they were there by the two small fins that were exposed above the surface. The fins appeared as some type of butterfly from a distance, but then as you get closer- SPLASH! Garfish gone.

If you ever get the opportunity to explore a Cypress swamp- you won’t regret it or forget it.


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