It’s A Learning Process-2

I have been struggling to get clear shots of our feathered friends since I picked up the camera to try this photography thing. It is very frustrating to try to get everything right, only to have a blurry blob of photomush after.

But continued and persistent research and trial and error, I landed upon a guy who’s video helped me instantly.

HIs name is Jan Wegener from Australia. One of his videos I stumbled on, “Take SHARPER images with ANY camera! No more BLURRY photos! Tips for Success.” – the suggestions in this video helped me almost instantly. I highly recommend this video if you are struggling as well. He also has many other fantastic videos and runs a Masterclass. Check him out.


Admittedly, these are by no means perfect. So don’t expect to see them in Photography Magazine any time soon. But compared to how they used to look, it is a vast improvement. My pictures actually are beginning to look like real animals. No more blurry photomush.

I still have a long way to go, but the journey is not as far now as it was previously. Thank you Jan.

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